10 reasons why it's great to work on Squork:
 We respect your personal space

Squork is the safe place to share ideas, files and messages on the web. As an account holder YOU control who can access your personal space and what they can do. We don't look at your data, lay claim to it in any way or re-use your data.
 Be more productive

Prioritize activities so the things that really make a difference in your working day get done, and don't forget those little jobs on your long-list that matter to others either.
 Stay in touch and work from anywhere

Create a secure and live workplace for your project team, business, college, association or interest group to share work, apps and ideas without being an IT expert or having to buy hardware or software. You can keep in touch with the people you work with online (it's great for managing remote teams too!). Use our secure and live web messaging and conferencing tools to keep connected, on the same page, and feeling part of a team no matter where everyone is in the world.
 Pitch your ideas online

Use our Webshow application to pitch your ideas to communities, partners, customers or colleagues.
 Never miss a beat

Once you've registered on Squork your personal business contacts will always know how to contact you and when you're available for a conversation. Make sure your priority contacts can always get through to you. Set personal alerts to inform you when the things that matter most in your work life aren't meeting your expectations.
 Build an ideas factory

Squork is a great way to source ideas from online communities.
 Share your online profile with others securely

Relationships are shaped by the nature of the tie - family ties, alumni, business contacts, mentors, friends… Online social networking sites tend to bundle these worlds together in a single space which means you risk sharing everything about you with everyone you know. Sometimes it's not great to share what you did at the weekend – or all of your business contacts with everyone else on the planet! With Squork, you create network categories keep the different sides of you separate.
 Reach out to new business contacts

Squork Messager is a new way to connect online. It helps you to know where people are and what they're doing and where to go for help. It provides smarter ways of visualizing your networks and staying in touch, harnessing the value of your social business ties. It's easy to reach out to new contacts and keep in touch, anywhere in the world.
 Affordable, no nonsense business apps that just work

Access our growing library of affordable no nonsense business software applications developed by the Squork community. These applications support key business tasks like presenting ideas online, managing and sharing files, organizing contacts, managing projects, sourcing ideas, managing sales contacts and pipeline plus you'll find a host of useful tools to make sense of data and work smarter. Download tools to create your own apps for your business without needing to programme. It's really easy to develop the apps you want to use on Squork.
 Get every working day off to a great start

Every day, Squork gathers up a summary of the new things happening in your business life: interesting articles, major news stories and network updates so you're up to speed and ready for work. It also helps you to filter out the background noise. As soon as you're online you're ready for work wherever you are.